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22 Jun 2007
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1legumes-SALESIt's Taking Part That Counts
2draekeA Millionaire Is For Life Not Just For Xmas
3Female DiscoggerA Rare Sight Indeed (TINADS Re-Edit)
4quantasmGive 'Em All Away (Brewsters Before Midnight Mix)
5comkaiSunday Scan (600x600 Re-edit)
6Urban Militant Websubmission SquadSubmitting Releases Before The Artists Even Been Born (Copy And Paste From Juno Remix)
7BalliesIt's A Habit Not An Addiction (Way Too Late To Re-edit)
8Xoc0L1.000.000 Ways To Kill A DJ, Choose One...
9Reverend Morton Feldman Heat, TheIf You Moderate This Your Children Will Be Next
10Anni_FunnyHere's Everything Funny! (Not Funny Remix)
Backing Vocals – Monster M.Lead Vocals – Hippe AProducer, Engineer – Injector S.Producer, Mastered By – Receptor A.Remix – elexxii
11rbielefeld42 (The Answer To All Questions Mix)
12Humorless HackGuys I Think You've Got Too Much Free Time On Your Hands (Get Subbin' Dammit Remix)
Remix – Still 12.600 CDs To Add
13inexpressibleThe Million Dollar Baby Is A Spaz
14pawlickA Little Box Next To Artist Name With A '+' Sign (What The F Is ANV?)
15Greenwood PlaygroundPremenstrual Car Wash (Merely A "P" In A Circle/Pressure-Treated Extended Chillout Mix)
Featuring – BYOProducer – Cobaltic Copper Arsenate, DimethyltryptamineWritten-By – Accident
16yabbadabbadoooooWho The Fuck Is Ebay? (Discogs Community Rework)
17Banana Kru & contaegious Feat. maxx_eclipseIn Uzbekistan, We Shoot Dog (The Sandy Dog Uzteknostan Remix)
18 Hidden Track
19rile3e"A Town Called Gallus" Remix- Saved With Too Much Compression
20inasteenDownload This Album And The RIAA Will Tear You A New One
21dmaxx1.000.000 Is One More Then 999.999 But One Less Than 1.000.001 (Mix Mix)
22JT_XMain Artist = Various. Please Check Your Links!
23MHDo You Have A Copy In Hand? (Please Reply Extended Mix)
Remix – Mikkel Hansen
24cancersoulA Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
25syndromDo You Know The First 999.999 Releases Before Submit This One? (You Are Using 36% Of Your Submission Limit Special Edit)
26lennylightweightlower case track (reason for it remix)
27neocactarHow Do You Capitalize ヂィスカグス? (Collection Size VIP Mix)
28phish63Discogs (We're Not Cocky, We're Just Better Than You Mix)
29kleez.oneIf There Isn't Any Cheese, I Am Gone (Kamikaze Mix)
30Weasle^As Above^ (Rest Looks Fine Mix)
31fleshmeatdollThe Following Warnings Were Presented To The Submitter (Irrelevant And/Or Unknown Artists On All Tracks)
32HorrormamaThis Is Just As Great As Wikipedia (Most Ridiculous Title Ever Remix)
Remix – Most Ridiculous Title Ever
33jimthingGetting Fired: Fuck Work, I'm Busy Submitting! (Out-Of-Work Bedroom DJ's 'All Day Everyday Now' Lifetime Re-Edits)
Guitar – Girlfriends 'No Time In My Submission Schedule' Master-BaterProducer – Before I Smash Your Door DownRemix – Mod-er...?-ators, TheVocals [Shouting At You], Written-by – Power-trip Manager
34swk241M GET May Not Be Copied Or Otherwise Reproduced Without The Consent Of The Author(s) Or Copyright holder(s)
35DJ I Like To Dress Up As An AlienSo You Want To Be An Ambient DJ? (The Fax +49-69/450464 Releases Are All Fucked Up Again Mix)
Remix – Pete NamlookWritten-By – Prof. Phartiphuckborlz
36JosephschembriDiscogs Took Away My Life - Only When It's Down I Discover There's A World Outside
37LordBabyBlueThis Deserves To Be On Discogs (Y-voteOrGetLostRemix)
38Onomatopoetic GruntYou Are Using 100% Of Your Submission Limit, So Here's Your No-Vote While You RTFSG! (Common Sense Waits For MR Function Mix)
Remix – Common SenseRemix [Credited To] – dj_purity_controlWritten-By – A Bunch Of Dead Guys
39djindioAd Dis 2 Ya Wantlist Biz-ach (555 Indio Euro-Disco Mix)
40CatfoodA Million Flavors Of Friskies (Pet Your Pussy Mix)
41Gayfive1 Million Reasons Why You Should Signed Up To Musicbrainz Instead (As Above Please Discard Mix)
42Caps Cops, TheAtleast Half Of It Is Wrongly Capitalized (First Letter Mix)
43pidginA Million Satisfied Customers (One Rule For Mods, Another For Everyone Else Mix 96)
44PjaxxDiscogs Beats In 1 Million Beats ([a]pendics.shuffle Edit)
Remix – [a]pendics.shuffle
45anTypeHow Many Tongues Does It Take To Lick A Skyscraper? (Itchy Scratcher Per-Version)
Mixed By – Ali TalbitRemix – Itchy ScratcherRemix [Credited To] – Sir Camel DubblehumpWritten-by [On The Wall] – Magnificent AK47, The
46AtomicCowWe Built This City On Techno (Rave To The Maximum Remix)
47 -
48ZeldaZonk1 Million ! Enooormous (But Will We Arrive At 10 Million Mix)
49ronnyyyfMad Monkks Fakin 1BPM Breakin Loops Over One Chordish Groundbreakin Bitsreamm Synth Line (Fat Funky Tribal Breakin Golden Vinyl Ltd To 1 Original Prototype Wax Drunken In Acid Waves And Stolen After 6am By The Holy Ghost, Afxx, Carl Crackk & Felixx Clashbackk Re-edit As New Future/Past Version)
50Bro EhtMaking Up More Lies About Infamous Ex-Members Of The Orb (And Propagating Them Through The Interbutts) (Being Treated Like A Small Child Or Untrained Housecat Re-Edit)
Mixed By [Credited To] – Alex Paterson, Thomas FehlmannMixed By [Not Really But Let's Give Him A Credit So He Shuts Up] – Kris WestonWritten-By – AllMusicGuide, Discogs, Usenet, Wikipedia
51jweijdeIf You Want To Raise Your Limit, Don't Cancel This (This Should Get In In Faster Than Three Months Re-Edit)
52RJaxXWTF is this all about? (Collectable Mix)
Remix – Advanced Man, The
53livfe1st Seller To 1,000 @ 100% (Banned For Livfe Mix)
54 User Tracktitles
55Cham Pousse ElleElectro Popper
56 Bonus Track
57k.felgermanThis Does Not Belong In Discogs Please Discard (Oldschool Sensation Mix)
58elfugaziWhisky, Girls And 1M Of Weed Powered By Discogs (Pablo Escobar Remix!)
Remix – Pablo Escobar
59SDevoNik Hates Me Because My Relatives Were Convics And Stole From His Family Before Being Deported (Aussie Remix)
60The_ElectricianHigh Time (It's 4-Twentay) (Corrected Time Format 4:20 Mix)
Other [Electrician] – The_Electrician
61METAI’m Not On Label (The Label Formerly Know As White Label) (Unknown Artist Edit)
62bastard_peterWorld's Biggest Madhouse - Count Me In (0.00001 Watt Of Good Will Mix)
63KergillianKergy Sayz Bestest Song Evuh! (But I Can't Count That High Club Mix)
64robotmuzakPeople Always Ruin My Fun (Grumble Mix)


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  • Mismanaged Bynik
  • Photography – Mad_Porno_Max
  • Supported ByDiscogs Community, The


This magic border was broken at the 22nd of June 2007, 20:15 GMT. Respect goes to swk24, legumes-SALES and AtomicCow, who got very close. Each member of the community may leave a tracktitle here which will be entered in the tracklist below. Comes with a Million Mark banknote and a roll of toilet paper. There's a hidden track at position 99. Printed in HTML: "You Know Who You Are So Don't Turn Around, Bitch! ...Cuz You're Already Fucked!"


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